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  • College of Modern Montessori - An internationally accredited Montessori training center for the training of Montessori teachers. Full time, part-time, distance and online studies available to students around the world.
  • International Montessori Index - Practical information for parents and teachers, with links to Montessori school lists, lectures, conferences, workshops, teacher training courses, educational materials, and a home schooling guide.
  • Introduction to Montessori Theory and Practice - Specific elements on which the method is based, such as multi-aged grouping, periods of development, the prepared environment, lessons, and schedules.
  • Madam Montessori - Smithsonian Magazine article Maria Montessori. Includes history and observations from current educators.
  • The Michael Olaf Montessori Company - Offers developmentally appropriate Montessori books, toys, games, and tools for ages birth to 12 years. Features general Montessori information, articles by developmental age, and the history of the Tibetan Children's Village Project.
  • Montessori and Homeschool Chat - Chat about these topics.
  • Montessori at Home - Guide to finding Montessori home schooling links on the internet.
  • Montessori Connections - Information center for Montessori administrators, teachers, parents and students. Links to schools, teacher training centers, publications, organizations, conferences, educational products and services.
  • Montessori Curriculum - General outline of the Montessori curriculum areas for children 2-6.
  • Montessori Homeschooling - A forum about Montessori homeschooling, and links to other sites of value to homeschooling families.
  • The Montessori Method - The full text with illustrations from: The Montessori Method (1912) by Maria Montessori, translated by Anne Everett George. Hosted by UPenn digital library.
  • Our-Montessori - Collection of resources and games to assist Montessori educators.