Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Christian Religious Education - Paper 1

Oct/Nov 1998

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1.  What is meant by the expression "the bible is the word of God"?           (5 marks)


2. State five characteristics of God's covenant with Abraham                 (5 marks)


3. State five attributes of God as shown in the Jewish Passover              (5 marks)


4. From the teachings of Prophet Elijah state five effects of idolatry to the Israelites    (5 marks)


5. State five teachings of Jesus in the Parable of the lost sheep and lost coin. (5 marks)


6. Identify five lessons from the healing of Bartimaeus the blind beggar        ( 5 marks)


7. Write down five teachings about Jesus from the cure of the paralytic       ( 5 marks)


8. Write down five events that took place following Jesus death on the cross     (5 marks)


9. Give five qualities of an apostle in the early church         ( 5 marks)


10. State five activities a modern Christian can perform in order to be Considered a true follower of Christ          ( 5 marks)


11. With reference to African traditional communities, state five factor that promote harmony and mutual responsibility in Kenya today.      ( 5 marks)


12. Give five reasons why initiation rites were important in African traditional communities   (5 marks)


13. State five ways in which Christians spread the gospel of Jesus Christ today     (5 marks)


14. State five reasons why, marriage in traditional African communities is regarded as a covenant     (5 marks)


15. List five responsibilities of priests in traditional African communities         ( 5 marks)


16. Give reasons why taboos are important in traditional African communities     (5 marks)


17. Give five reasons why a Christian should not resort to strike action as a way of Presenting grievances           (5 marks)


18. Identify five reasons why the taking of alcohol as a way of spending leisure time is condemned         (5 marks)


19. Give five reasons which motivate Christians to take vows in marriage      ( 5 marks)


20. State five reasons why a preacher may be disliked by the society today    ( 5 marks)

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