Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Christian Religious Education - Paper 2

Oct/Nov 1998

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1. (a) Describe how the Israelites worshipped God before the Babylonian exile   (10 marks)


(b) Why did the Prophets of the Old Testament condemn the way the Israelites worshiped?    (10 marks)


(c) Give reasons why children should be introduced to the worship of God at an early age     (5 marks)



2. (a) Discuss the areas of conflict between Jesus and the Jewish Religious leaders which eventually led to his death.      (16 marks)


(b) Explain the causes of conflict between the young and the old people in the Church today.    (4 marks)


(c) State the various ways in which Christians resolve misunderstanding between parents and their children.        ( 5 marks)



3. (a) Relate Saint Paurs teaching on responsibility for others according to Galatians (6: 1-10).   (8 marks)


(b) Discuss reasons why members of Christians families in Kenya find it difficult to harmoniously live together         (10 marks)


(c) Explain how the church strengthens family relationships today           ( 7 marks)



4. (a) Describe how wealth was acquired in traditional African communities     (5 marks)


(b) Explain how money economy has undermined the Principles of Christians living      (12 marks)


(c) With reference to the proper use of wealth in the Bible, state various ways in which Christians in Kenya utilize their wealth     ( 8 marks)



5. (a) In what ways were the Africans affected by the introduction of Christianity in Kenya by 1914?     (16 marks)


(b) Discuss the government's contribution towards the evangelization process in Kenya today   (9 marks)



6. (a) With reference to the story of Perpetua and Felistas, discuss the cost of discipleship among early Christians in Africa     ( 9 marks)

(b) Give reasons why some Christians are opposed to women leadership in the church today    (10 marks)

(c) Explain ways through which women leadership is promoted in the church today   (6 marks)


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