Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

History and Government - Paper 1

Oct/Nov 1998

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Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided


1. Name two sources of the history of the Kenyan communities during the pre- colonial period.       (2 marks)


2. In what two ways did the Kenyan communities interact during the pre- colonial period?        (2 marks)


3. Give the main reason why early visitors from Arabia came to the Kenyan coast before 1500.       (1 mark)


4. State two reasons why the Portuguese built Fort Jesus.      (2 marks)


5. Give two reasons why the Agiriama were opposed to British Colonial rule.      (2 marks)


6. State two terms of the Anglo- German Agreement of 1886.       (2 marks)


7. Give one reason why the British colonial government encouraged while settlers to come to Kenya.      (1 mark)


8. What was the main reason for the formation of the Ukamba members Association?      (1 mark)


9. Give one reason for the establishment of independent churches in Kenya during the colonial period.       (1 mark)


10. Identify two reasons why Africans migrated to urban centers during the colonial period.            (2 marks)


11. Why was the nomination of Eliud Mathu to the legislative council important?      (1 mark)


12. Give the main reason why African nationalists in Kenya formed the Kenya African democratic union (KADU) in 1960.     (1 mark)


13. Identify two national philosophies which have been used in Kenya since the attainment of independence.      (2 marks)


14. State one fundamental right of the individual which a person in prison is deprived of       (2 marks)


15. State the main function of the Kenya Army.       (1 mark)


16. Give two reasons why the chief's baraza is important in Kenya.      (2 marks)




Answer three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


17. (a) Describe the migration and settlement of the Eastern Bantu Speaking communities into Kenya up to 1800.       (5 marks)


      (b) Discuss the results of the migration and settlement of the Eastern Bantu into Kenya by 1900.        (10 marks)


18. (a) Why were the Portuguese able to control the Kenya coast between 1500 and 1700?         (3 marks)


      (b) Describe the results of the Portuguese rule of the Kenya Coast.      (12 marks)


19. (a) What factors facilitated the establishment of British control over Kenya during the nineteenth century?        (5 marks)


      (b) Explain why the Nandi were able to sustain their resistance against the British for a long time.      (10 marks)


20. (a) What factors undermined African nationalist activities in Kenya between 1939 and 1963?         (7 marks)


      (b) Describe the role which African elected members of parliament played in the struggle for independence upto 1963.       (8 marks)



Answer two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


21. (a) How does the Kenya Government ensure that the rule of law is upheld in the country?       (3 marks)


      (b) Describe the constitutional amendments which took place in Kenya between 1964 and 1992.        (12 marks)


22. (a) Explain the role of the Electoral Commission of Kenya.     (7 marks)


      (b) Describe the factors that are likely to interfere with free and fair elections in Kenya.     (8 marks)


23. (a) Explain why the Kenya government prepares an annual budget.      (10 marks)


      (b) What measures does the Kenya government take to ensure that public funds are properly used?       (5 marks).



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