Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

History and Government - Paper 2

Oct/Nov 1998

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Answer all the questions in this section in the answer booklet provided.


1. Name two factors which influenced early man to begin domesticating animals?      (2 marks)


2. Give two factors which influenced the development of Urban- centers in Ancient Greece.         (2 marks)


3.  State one way in which the Agrarian Revolution contributed to rural- urban migration in Europe.          (1 mark)


4. Identify the main source of industrial energy in-Europe from t6he mid twentieth century.           (1 mark)


5. State two scientific discoveries in the field of medicine in the nineteenth century.     (2 marks)


6. Give one way in which poor transport network hinders industrialization in the Third World countries.      (1 mark)


7. Give one reason why the general agreement on tariffs and Trade (GATT) was

established.        (1 mark)


8.    State two similarities between the African traditional belief in death and the Christian teaching on death.          (2 marks)


9. State two ways through which Islam was spread in the nineteenth century.      (2 marks)


10. State one way in which centralization of authority contributed to the growth of the Buganda Kingdom.        (1 mark)


11. Give two economic reasons which made European powers to scramble for African colonies.        (2 marks)


12. State the main contribution of religion in the Maji Maji uprising against German rule in Southern Tanzania.       (1 mark)


13. Define indirect rule as a policy that was used by the British to administer their colonies in Africa.        (1 mark)


14. Give two reasons why the Central Powers were defeated in the First World War.         (2 marks)


15. State two methods which the international community used to hasten the attainment of majority rule in South Africa.      (2 marks)


16. Identify two political challenges which Zaire has faced since independence.     (2 marks)




Answer three questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


17.   (Out of syllabus)


18. (a) In what ways did overseas colonies contribute to the expansion of industries in Europe?              (3 marks)


       (b) Discuss the problem which the European society faced as a result of

industrialization.            (12 marks)




20. (a) Describe the results of the development of railway transport during the nineteenth century.        (5 marks)


      (b) Discuss ways through which the modern society has benefited from the  development in telecommunications.       (10 marks)




Answer two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.


21.(a)What were the economic activities of the people of the Asante Empire?     (3 marks)


      (b) Describe the political organization of the Asante Empire during the nineteenth century.         (12 marks)


22. (a) Explain why the Ancient regime in France had become unpopular by 1789.          (5 marks)


      (b) Discuss the French system of government from 1871.        (10 marks)


23. (a) Why was the United Nations Organization (UNO) formed?       (5 marks)


      (b) Discuss the factors that have undermined the activities of the UNO.         (10 marks)


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