Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education

Home Science - Paper 1

Oct/Nov 2004

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1. List four fat soluble vitamins.     (2 marks)


2. State two possible causes of anaemia.     (2 marks)


3. Give two points to look for when buying spinach.     (2 marks)


4. State two effects of strong heat on proteins.     (2 marks)


5. State two disadvantages of using leftover foods.     (2 marks)


6. State two forms in which laundry soap is found in the market.     (2 marks)


7. Give the steps of removing chewing gum stain from a garment.     (2 marks)


8. Mention the three areas/centres of work that make up the work triangle in a kitchen.     (2 marks)


9. Suggest two measures to take immediately nose bleeding occurs.     (2 marks)


10. List two improvised abrasives in the home.      (2 marks)


11. Identify three tasks that are carried out only during special cleaning of a bedroom.      (2 marks)


12. Mention two dangers of heavy smoking during pregnancy.      (2 marks)


13. Give four methods of advertising.      (2 marks)


14. State two reasons why cotton fabrics are popular for table linen.      (2 marks)


15. State two reasons why silk is expensive.      (2 marks)


16. State three qualities of a good tape measure.      (3 marks)


17. Give three reason for a needle breaking during machining.      (3 marks)


18. Give two reasons why press studs are not suitable for use in children’s garments.      (2 marks)




Answer any three questions from this section


19. (a) Mention four ways of improving maize meal porridge.     (4 marks)


      (b) Explain three precautions to take when using an oven to bake cakes.      (6 marks)


      (c) Explain six factors to look for when selecting a frying pan.     (6 marks)


      (d) Explain four uses of carrots in cookery.     (4 marks)


20. (a) Identify two fibers in each case with the properties listed below:


          (i) Stronger when wet     (1 mark)


           (ii) Weaker when wet     (1 mark)


           (iii) Elastic     (1 mark)


           (iv) Lustrous     (1 mark)


           (v) Flare up with a yellow flame     (1 mark)


      (b) Describe the procedure of taking the following body measurements:


           (i) hips

           (ii) inside arm length

           (iii) crouch                           (7 marks)


      (c) Using diagrams, describe the procedure of preparing a straight collar without interfacing ready for attachment.       (8 marks)


21.(a) Discuss tour desirable qualities of good clothes’ line.      (4 marks)


      (b) Explain five ways of disposing refuse in the home.     (5 marks)


      (c) Explain five factors to consider when selecting an electric iron.     (5 marks)


      (d) Giving a reason in each case, state three factors to consider when weaning a baby.      (6 marks)


22. (a) Explain three preparations to make a sewing machine in readiness for stitching.     (6 marks)


       (b) Describe the procedure of making a single pointed dart.     (6 marks)


       (c) Explain four points to consider when selecting clothes for a short plump figure.   (8 marks)