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Art is the human ability to make forms creatively and skillfully for aesthetic and utilitarian purposes. It is concerned with the development of visual perception and aesthetic experience for purposes of expressing ones ideas, experiences, emotions and feelings.

Design is a problem solving process that involves the planning, sketching and outlining concepts to work from or to finish as complete works of utilitarian or aesthetic value.

Art and Design therefore promotes individual expression, imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, powers of observation, analytical ability and practical attitudes. It is thus a means of origination, marking out and nroducing of a unified whole. It is desirable for every individual to possess some comprehensive knowledge in Art and Design.

The Art and Design activities that have been covered in this syllabus both in theory and practice have been designed to enable the student gain the intended knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences for both self- education and social-economic purposes.

It is also intended that the student will develop perceptual, conceptual, intuitive, imaginative and analytical abilities that involve problem solving. The learners will also gain knowledge and understanding of social, istorical and environmental issues as they develop their individual talents.

The layout of the syllabus comprises of general objectives and content. The teaching and learning resources and the methods of assessment have been suggested in appendices at the end of the syllabus. The content has been rationalized and reorganized for effective coverage in three lessons in forms one and two and four lessons in forms three and four. Difficult areas namely, ceramics, macrame, leatherwork and tapestry have been offloaded to higher levels. Printmaking has been integrated into fabric decoration as a topic.

Emphasis has been placed in the development of the student’s critical thinking, aesthetic appreciation, iesearch and personal initiative subsequently promoting group work. In respect to this, learners are expected to present and display their work at the end of every topic. At the end of every year, with the intention of developing the ability to draw facts, analyse and interpret critically the powerful ideas that art communicates, learners should exhibit their work. Every topic has as much as possible, been able to address pertinent and other topical issues in society.

Art and Design forms a good base for every subject in the curriculum, complimenting literary, mathematical, scientific and factual subjects by awakening creativity in the individual. This subject is also a visual means of communication used in all these subjects and therefore instrumental in achieving good results in all academic fields.

Artand Design contributes immensely in all areas of the society specifically:

*      Social/cultural

*      Economic

*      Political

*      Utilitarian

*      Communication

*      Personal expression

*      Philosophy

*      Cartharsis

There is a wide range of career opportunities in the field of Art and Design. Graduates of Art and Design can take up any of the following professions

*      Printing

*      Painting

*      FiIm/T.V video graphic designing

*      Photographing

*      Landscaping

*      Basket making

*      Sculpting

*      Graphic designing

*      Interior designing

*      Architectural designing

*      Studio set designing

*      Art critiquing

*      Curio artistiy

*      Toy making

*      Stage managing

*      Theatre designing

*      Illustrating

*      Cartoon making

*      Animation artistry

*      Forensic artistry

*      Puppeteering

Website designing

*      Advertising and marketing artistry

*      Jewellery designing

*      Hotel/kitchen artistry

*      Product designing

*      Make up artistry

*      Art teaching

This subject interlocks strongly within the political, economic and social cultural fabric of the Nation.